How to Write RTGS Cheque of State Bank of India (SBI)

How to Write RTGS Cheque of State Bank of India (SBI)

Here i will show you to write the cheque of State Bank of India for RTGS Fund Tranfer.

1.Fill the Date in cheque.

2. In Pay column write : Yourself For RTGS

3.In Rupees Column   :  Write the Amount in words (Ex : Two Lakhs only ) you want to transfer
                                        (Add Commission if applicable).Some Banks do not want add the                                                         commission in cheque,they will deduct the commission in your account.                                               Before Fill cheque you confirm with bank.

4.In Rs Box                 :   Write the amount in Numerical method . ( Ex : 2,00,000/-)

5.Put your Signature in sign area.

6.Fill the SBI RTGS Form and attach with filled cheque,after give it to bank.

7.After they will give you UTR Number for Tracking.

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