DO'S and DON'TS at an ATM

DO'S :

1.Ensure that you conduct your ATM transaction in complete privacy.

2.Beware of "Shoulder Surfing".Shield your PIN from onlookers by covering your PIN while                entering it.

3.Ensure that you collect your card and receipt,after completion of transaction.

4.Ensure that there are no suspicious devices attached to the ATM machine.These may have be added    to capture your card data.Inform to ATM attendant or Customer Care immediately in case any such    device is found.

5.Ensure that you press the "Cancel" button once your transaction is completed and that the                    "Welcome Screen" is displayed on the ATM.

6.Register your mobile number with your bank for getting alerts on the ATM transactions.Any                unauthorized card transaction should be reported to your bank immediately.

7.Inform your bank immediately in case your card is lost or stolen or retained by the ATM.

8.Keep an eye out for suspicious movements of peoples around ATMs.Beware of strangers trying to      engage you in conversation while you are transacting at an ATM.

9.Cut your card in four pieces through the magnetic strip before destroying your card upon its expiry      or closure of your account.


1.Never lend your card to anyone.

2.Do not write your PIN on the card.

3.Never share your PIN with anyone or seek help from anybody by handling over the card and                revealing the PIN.

4.Never let anyone see you entering the PIN.

5.Never use a PIN that can be easily guessed e.g. your birthday or year of birth.

6.Do not forget your card at the ATM